Deportation is a reality for millions of undocumented persons. We have seen how the Trump administration has taken an aggressive stance to deport undocumented persons – even those without a criminal background. Are you one of those persons? Know your rights. Call us today.

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Are you drowning in debt? Don’t lose sleep over unpaid bills. We have helped thousands of consumers to become debt free. Call us today to discuss a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. Let us help you find peace of mind.

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DUI Violations in Illinois

A DUI conviction is a serious offense that will almost certainly affect a person’s liberty, driving privileges, employment, or automobile insurance adversely.

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At the Aguilar Law Group, we offer clients aggressive representation in handling their landlord / tenant disputes.

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Uncontested Divorce

We handle your uncontested divorce from start to finish. We prepare all the required documents and file them with the court

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Criminal Defense

Don’t wait! Call or stop by our office TODAY for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced Criminal Lawyers. We handle ALL Misdemeanor and Felony cases.

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• DUI – Driving Under the Influence

• Immigration Services — We help persons seeking to legalize their status and offer deportation defense

• Bankruptcy – Consumers — Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

• Uncontested  Divorces – also known as Agreed Divorce

• Evictions – we represent Landlords

• Real Estate Closings – Sellers and Buyers

• Wills


Our attorneys understand how devastating and stressful it can when facing a DUI charge as the consequences of a conviction are serious. For that reason, it is imperative that you obtain legal advice from an attorney experienced in DUI cases. Our attorneys poses more than 25 years of experience combined and may be able to help you to avoid a conviction and/or to minimize the offense.


The immigration laws are very complex — they can be confusing and change constantly. As though that weren’t enough, dealing with the bureaucracy of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) can be a timely, difficult, timely and frustrating. Applying for immigration-related benefits involves more than merely submitting an application. Let the attorneys of the Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar represent you when seeking immigration-related benefits. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar also offer strong criminal and deportation defenses. Often, service in these two areas go hand-in- hand.


Whether or not to file for bankruptcy protection is a difficult decision, however, if you feel like you’re buried in debt, are being constantly harassed by creditors and your financial problems are affecting your health, it may be time to seek the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. At the Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar, our attorneys have helped thousands of consumers take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy protection to get a fresh start. A Chapter 7 petition may help consumers seeking to liquidate credit card debt and unsecured loans. A Chapter 13 filing may help you to keep your house and/or vehicle. Foreclosure Defense. Many consumers experiencing financial hardship may find themselves in foreclosure. If you are one of these property owners, don’t face a foreclosure alone. We may be able to help save your home and/or to stay longer in your home. Call us for a FREE consultation to discuss your options. Our goal is to help you save your home and to protect you from predatory lending practices.


A breakdown in the family structure can be devastating for a wife, husband, children and other family members. The in-fighting can be ugly but if the parties are able to get along and reach an agreement amongst themselves, then an uncontested divorce – often known as an Agreed Divorce – can be a good choice for all involved. One of the advantages of an uncontested divorce, or divorce by agreement, is that the legal this process will present less worry, less money, and less time spent in court.


The Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar offers a variety of legal services to owners of real estate. Our attorneys are here to help you in the following areas: Selling and

Buying Real Estate; Evictions; Foreclosure Defense.

When it comes to evictions, our attorneys take an aggressive approach on behalf of landlords dealing with savvy tenants who try to take advantage of tenant rights laws and who try abuse the legal system to avoid paying rent. The eviction process in Chicago is technically complex and this makes it difficult for landlords to handle their own eviction cases. Need to evict a tenant?