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Illinois Criminal Defense
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Whether you have been issued a ticket or charged with a crime, you need to know your rights and act immediately to protect them.

The Illinois Criminal Justice System is complicated and can be intimidating. The consequences of being found guilty of having committed a misdemeanor can have a lasting impact on your life, your freedom and your future. When faced with criminal charges you need outstanding representation. After all, a Criminal Conviction is life changing and will likely remain permanently on your Criminal record — even if you move to another State it will follow you.

A Criminal Conviction can and most likely will prevent you from getting the job you want, it can ruin your credit, it can prevent your from buying a home or renting an apartment. There are many other consequences from having a Criminal conviction on your record.

If you are facing a criminal matter, call us. Our defense attorneys will review the evidence in your case, investigate your side of the case, and provide legal and factual advice on how to proceed in your matter. Being arrested for a Criminal offense opens up a complex legal minefield that only an experienced Criminal Lawyer can navigate. Having a license to practice law is not enough. You need a lawyer with the know how to get the job done. Our responsibility to our client is always, if possible, to achieve a dismissal or acquittal.

Get help from the start. The decisions you make at the beginning of a criminal case will greatly impact the oiutcome. Our attorneys are dedicated criminal defense lawyers committed to helping you achieve the best result in your criminal or DUI case. They will work with you at every stage of your case to help you make the best decisions and form a successful defense strategy.

The Police and the District Attorney work together to establish the best evidence against you and to present their version of events to a Judge or Jury. You need an Illinois attorney who not only knows the law, but knows the Illinois legal system and the best ways to build your defense. Our criminal defense lawyers understand how the Government builds a case against you, and how you can best protect your rights and your freedom.

Don’t wait! Call or stop by our office TODAY for a FREE consultation with one of our experienced Criminal Lawyers. Once your case is over you’ll be glad you did. We handle misdemeanor and felony cases.