We Help Landlords

At the Law Office of Maggie Aguilar, we are not ashamed to say that we take great pride in helping property owners or landlords. There are many aggressive tenants rights organizations whose attorneys fight zealously to help tenants who have failed to pay rent for months. It is only right, therefore, that our attorneys provide strong advocacy for the landlord.


Tenants should pay rent, avoid engaging in criminal activity. If a tenant is living  in a residential dwelling, it is only right that s/he pay rent to the landlord or else face an eviction. However, unpaid rent is not the only reason for an eviction. If a tenant is engaging in drug dealing or other criminal activity on the property, the landlord has every right to seek an eviction. At the Law Office of Maggie Aguilar, our attorneys have been aggressive in clients to evict drug dealers, drug users and prostitutes. Call us today if you are faced with a tenant who is not paying rent or who is disturbing the peace.

Chicago RLTO

If you own an apartment building in Chicago, then you must comply with the City’s ordinance. It can be tricky and costly if you don’t abide by it.