Immigration Services We Offer

In the United States, the immigration laws are complex and the process for obtaining a visa or avoiding deportation involves much more than simply filling out an application. Many people fill out immigration forms without thinking about the basics:  Who will sponsor me? Does this person meet the qualifications needed to sponsor me? What if I have been here illegally for many years? Will I be deported if I apply?

Maggie Aguilar and her associates possess years of experience helping families to become residents, citizens, avoid being deported, secure a DACA visa and political asylum.

Have you been convicted of or pleaded guilty to DUI or Domestic Battery? If so, you may be prohibited from becoming a United States resident or citizen. For this reason, you should contact our law office today!

If you are facing a criminal charge and are in the United States without lawful documents — call us!


Often times, persons become nervous during their immigration interviews and can’t explain their situation or don’t understand the questions asked of them and often say the wrong thing. When this happens, your application may be denied. However, you should not despair. The Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar can help you appeal a denial. Indeed, our associates have helped hundreds of persons who have been denied benefits. We work with these individuals to answer the government’s request for more evidence.

If you find yourself in this situation, call us today! Our lawyers are knowledgeable, friendly and compassionate. Maggie Aguilar was born in Mexico and like many of the firm’s client’s, she has personally gone through the process of becoming a legal resident and then citizen . Call us today to discuss your options.


Many countries located in Latin America and the Middle East are undergoing economic and political turmoil. These situations drive some of their people to engage in illicit activities such as drugs and arms dealing to make money. When this happens, law abiding citizens are put at risk of harm and may even suffer through threats of bodily harm made by hoodlums and other traffickers. If you believe that your loved ones are in peril in your home country, call the Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar to speak with an attorney experienced in the area of political asylum.


Consular Processing

You have been approved to become a resident. Great! But now what? The next step is consular processing. Again, adjusting your status to obtain a green card involves much more than submitting an application. Let one of our experienced immigration attorneys help you to finalize the adjustment process and help prepare you for a hearing before an immigration official.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

The current political climate in the United States allows certain young persons who entered the country as children without a visa to obtain deferred action to avoid deportation. Call the Law Office of Maggie Aguilar today to schedule an appointment with one of our immigration lawyers.


Deportation Defense

Are you facing a deportation charge? Are you worried that your family will suffer hardship if you are deported? Cancellation of Removal is a remedy which may be available to you. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of persons facing the prospect of deportation. Call us whenever your family is faced with a deportation matter.

U.S. Citizenship

If you are looking to obtain U.S. citizenship, then it is important to discuss your situation with an Illinois immigration attorney. This can be a long and complicated process without the assistance of a lawyer. Again, there is more to the citizenship process than merely completing an application. Indeed, many of our clients have come to us after they have incorrectly answered the questions in their application and face denial and/or rescission of their Green Card.

Understand Your Options 

Having your green card, visa or naturalization certificate in your hand equals FREEDOM! Freedom to go where you want and whenever you want. Here at the Law Offices of Maggie Aguilar, our lawyers are happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. Call us today.